Why a Franchise

Have a passion for sports? Would you like to be a part of a profitable business model? Become a part of Fitgrow’s success story as a franchise and script your own success !
Why a Franchise
Fitgrow is an established brand today in sports coaching, instructor training and in selling sports goods. With the expertise and knowledge of the professionals at Fitgrow, you can build a system of favourable returns for yourself by becoming a franchise of our expanding brand presence. By becoming a Franchise, you (an individual or entity) will receive legal authorization to sell goods, services and ideas originally formulated by the parent company, that is, Fitgrow. The brand name of Fitgrow, its previous successful performance and contributions to the field of sports training, and the brand recognition that comes along with it will give your franchise venture an immediate boost. The Franchise will further be supported by the training/support provided by the parent company (FITGROW).
Do not lose this wonderful opportunity to share the gains that are being created by one of India’s most successful sports/ training companies. A prudent decision to invest in the right brand will reap you greater benefits in the long run! Join Fitgrow, and own an established franchise that provides a Physical education Program with country-wide acceptance and recognition!
Benefits of a Fitgrow franchise:
The business model and revenue strategies have already been devised and tested by the parent company; the franchisee just needs to adopt and implement the proven format set down by the parent company to operate the business.

The franchisee need not invest money, time or energy in building up brand name or recognition, as FITGROW is already a well-established company in the field of sports training. This saves the franchisee the problems that accompany building a start-up, and they can start earning good returns from the beginning itself.

We offer complete support including technical and operational management guidance, so that the franchise may run smoothly. Our team of business experts and professionals will make sure that you receive all the assistance needed. Whether it’s marketing or trained personnel, Fitgrow will provide its franchise with all necessary resources.

Fitgrow’s Support System for Franchises:
Technical & Training Support
The latest upgraded curriculum/training manuals will be provided
Guidance for recruiting the right personnel, including conduction of interviews
For optimum performance, all staff/ employees of the franchise will be given training at the franchisee location
Training sessions will also be held frequently to maintain the standards and quality of the franchise

Marketing Support
Guidelines for inauguration of the franchise, advertising/publicity and launching of program will be given by Fitgrow
Our support staff will make frequent visits to provide aid as needed.
Conferences, seminars, workshops, business fairs and presentations to be conducted will be arranged by Fitgrow.

Research & Development
Contemporary training modules and global curricula, with innovative techniques
Current industry practices and updates will be implemented frequently
Aggressive approach towards business development will be implemented to remain ahead of competition in the field.

Apart from these objectives, setting up an expansive, successful and profitable business organization that raises the bar of sports coaching and training in the country, is the aim of Fitgrow.