Every child deserves a chance for holistic development, and physical activity/exercise must be inculcated as a habit in their daily regimen from a very young age. This will eventually go on to build them as strong, healthy adults with the right lifestyle! It has long been proved that exercise and physical activity also contribute to good mental health, and the group activities and team games develop a child’s social skills and emotional quotient as well. We at Fitgrow focus on providing this very support for children from kindergarten to the tenth grade, with effective, research-based, physical training programs devised to suit each age group and customized to the needs of each student, ensuring that the child is not just intellectually developed at school but also honed physically, socially and emotionally.

Fitgrow has conceived an exclusive program to introduce children to a range of sports and games. Students enrolled under this program will be given equal opportunity to participate in Athletics, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Archery, and Volleyball. While creating the right exposure to sports for the child in a relaxed ambience, the experienced trainers on Fitgrow’s team will also support the children to participate in new sports and games, and keep their interest alive through fun activities. Our Certified Experts ensure a safe training environment that will let kids grow and learn in a natural way and help them overcome their fears and hesitation.