FitGrow Training

Fitgrow is not just for young athletes to hone their skills, but for aspiring physical education teachers and sports trainers too! Fitrow can guide you in adopting the right pedagogical approach to sports and fitness, enabling you to be a successful coach whose impact can drive the victory of many young sportspersons!

This program is suitable for those who wish to be groomed as physical education instructors for children from Kindergarten to class 12 th .

The program is designed to enhance the productivity and sports knowledge of Physical education instructors, by giving them enough exposure to various games and sports, exercise regimens and recreational activities.

The training program provides insight on the designing effective physical games and activities that suit the needs of children, and prepares sports coaches to handle challenges related to children, both on- and off-field. Special guidance is given to coaches regarding motivational talks and techniques that are necessary to boost children’s self-confidence, and educates instructors on the utilization of various other teaching strategies to keep children engaged and interested.

Keeping up with the modern use of equipment and technology, this program also educates trainers on how they can make the optimum use of technology in teaching/ sports coaching.

The program is designed as modules that spread over 105 hours covering an overall 15 day training period. For further information, kindly get in touch with the admissions department.

Any teacher who wishes to become an early childhood instructor or any fresh graduates/ aspiring coaches who wish to embark on a career that involves training children.

Mid-career Physical Education instructors/ coaches who would like to add value to their career and profile, as well as be up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques in games and sports.

Those instructors and coaches who would like to review their present teaching methods and would like to overhaul their methods through innovative practices.
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