Parties for ages 3 and UP!

Party time with FITGROW gives you an exclusive, fun-filled experience like no other!
FITGROW offers you, your child and your guests, the opportunity to experience a truly exceptional and memorable birthday party, with sports and games your child loves, and which promise an equally interesting time for friends and family! Afterwards, your party host or hostess will make sure that everyone enjoys a fun celebration in the party room. Listed below are some of the games that your party can play:
Parachute play
Blinder Game
Fun Balloons
Hoops of Fun
Dodge ball
Basketball Fun, etc….
Fun Games for all ages
NOTE: For parties of children from the ages of 3 – 6, we have specially trained staff to help your little ones party safely and enjoy themselves, so that parents and their other guests may be free to enjoy the party. With age-appropriate interactive games that are both athletic and fun, the children are sure to have a great time!

To reserve your party please call 040-64644000 or email